Cameroon / Beef cold storage Projects

Beef cold storage is a temperature-controlled storage facility designed to store and preserve beef products at specific temperature and humidity conditions.

The cold room measures 9000x6000x3000mm ,with custom Hinged cold room door ,size: 2mx2m, 150mm thick

Fiji /Supermarket cold storage Project

In Fiji, cold storage plays a crucial role in the supply chain of supermarkets and grocery stores. helps to overcome these challenges by providing a means to store and preserve these items for longer periods.

The display unit has a capacity of 9X3X2.5M, with 100mm-thick cold room panels and use Glass cold room door to display

Ghana / chicken cold room project

Our company has recently supplied a chicken cold room project in Ghana, which is designed to store 200 tons of frozen chicken.

Storage capacity of 200 tons of frozen chicken Cold room size of 10,000 x 14,000 x 3,000mm, with 150mm clod room panel

Kenya / ice storage project

An ice block cold room is a type of cold storage designed to store ice blocks at a temperature below freezing point

store ice blocks Cold room size of 5750mm x 2400mm x 2100mm Insulation panel thickness of 150mm

Maldives / sea food cold room project

Seafood cold storage is a type of refrigeration system that is specifically designed to store various types of seafood, including fish, shellfish, and crustaceans.

Cold room with a size of 6400x 3900 x3400mm and a capacity of 2 tons of tuna,200mm thick insulated cold room panels

Panama / supermarket cold room project

Cold storage plays an important role in supermarkets as it provides an ideal environment for storing and displaying a wide range of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and beverages.

size:12X2.2X2.3M ,temperature range of 0-5 degrees, coldroom panel :100mm thick

Philippines / chickens cold room project

We supply a chicken cold storage solution in the Philippines. The quick-freezing room measures 4000x5000x3000mm. 
The cold storage room measures 13000x20000x3000mm . 

Our cold room panels are 150mm thick and we use sliding doors that are also 150mm thick

USA / chicken cold room project

Chicken cold room can come in various sizes and configurations, depending on the volume and frequency of chicken meat storage needs.

The freezer room measures 12250x6100x3350mm ,with Cold room door (Manual Sliding Door & Hinged Door ) 2.5M*2M,150MM thick.

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