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From walk-in coolers to industrial warehouse applications, from cooler doors to freezer doors,  Cold Storage Doors combine the latest technology, premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry.

PU Cold Room Door can be supply different thickness 100mm/150mm/200mm.

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Cold Room Door Types
Automatic Sliding Door
100mm to 200mm
The automatic mechanism of the door is designed to open and close without the need for manual intervention. The door can be operated using various sensors such as motion sensors or pressure sensors, which detect the presence of a person or object and trigger the door to open or close accordingly.
Manual sliding door
100mm to 200mm
Manual cold room sliding doors are commonly used in smaller refrigeration units or in settings where the frequency of use is lower. They are also a more cost-effective option compared to automatic doors, as they do not require electrical components or sensors.
Hinged Door
100mm to 200mm
The door is typically made of insulated materials to maintain the desired temperature inside the room. It can be manually operated, or it can be equipped with an automatic closing mechanism to ensure the door is always closed when not in use.
Glass Door
5mm ~ 15mm, or Double-pane vacuum glass
Cold room glass doors are commonly used in commercial settings such as grocery stores and restaurants, where it is important to display products while maintaining temperature control. They can also be used in industrial settings where visibility into the cold room is necessary for safety reasons.
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